Thursday, April 26, 2012

Public Service Announcement

Chances are when you meet my daughter, she'll have her phone in her hands.  She loves that thing and would play with it all day if we let her.  It's not just a communication device for her, but also a way to pass the time.  When the battery runs dry (which happens less now, thankfully) watch out!  Whitney doesn't throw a fit.  Instead she goes on the hunt.  You can see it in her eyes.
"Who is at my house and where is their phone? Can I reach mom's on top of the stereo?  Or maybe I can find one hidden in a visitor's purse."

A couple of times when Melanie has been busy with the other kids at church, Whitney has fished Melanie's phone out of her purse and put on loud music to listen to.  That's been fun.

Other times she'll see someone texting on their phone and sit down beside them to watch.  Sometimes the person will ask if Whit wants to see the phone and she'll nod excitedly.  This is a very kind gesture, until it's time to go.  Then separating my daughter from the other person's phone can become a bit of an issue.

Ever the problem solver, my sweet wife took to crafting a solution for this last problem.  You can see it above in the photo.  Whit is now the proud owner of a custom t-shirt that says "Warning: Do not give me your phone! You may not get it back!"  Mostly it's for fun.  But when you meet Whitney and she asks for your phone, give her a hug instead.  Or you'll suffer the consequences.  You have been warned! ;-)


Genevieve Ross said...

That's awesome! Ailsa is the same way- she has 3 different toy cell phones and still she loves our phones much more. No games, no fun toys or fancy features- just a basic phone. So far she has called a couple of long distance numbers as well as continually changing the time and date. Genevieve just stopped her from dialing 911 a couple of times too! That would not be so good.

Hope you guys are well. Love to all.

Gavin of GGZA

Jenny said...

I Love the shirt and totally think you need to patten that quote. Any young kid is addicted to these electronics now. Everyone who knows Taylor will just hand there's over if she has that look in her eye. lol We have an i-pod touch we just got for Taylor with the Prolo2go program on it. They use it a lot with her at school on their ipads. It is nice to have something smaller than the vantage lite.

Nate said...

Hey Gavin, I hope you're feeling better. Watch out for those 911 calls. Luckily Whitney hasn't done that yet either, but I'm sure the day is coming. :-)

Jenny, Melanie would be happy to make Taylor a shirt too. Seems most kids are into sneaking someone's phone. And yes, iPods and iPads are SO much better than those old speech devices!