Saturday, April 14, 2012

Heart Update

We finally had the chance to visit with Whitney's cardiologist about the results of her sedated cardiogram last month.  One of modern medicine's drawbacks is the amount of time it takes between the test taking place and the appointment with the specialist to tell you what the results are.  Sometimes it can feel like ages!  But I figured that if anything serious was wrong with Whitney's heart we would have received a phone call or something fairly quickly.  And we didn't.

Instead, Melanie took Whitney to talk to the heart doc about the findings.  He was really pleased with the results of the tests.  He said her heart structure looks good and that it's functioning fine.  When we asked about the unusual rhythm he saw from her last heart exam a few years ago, he said her heart is beating normally and with a good, strong rhythm now.

He had no concerns about Whitney's heart's health and also said that the possibility for something to go wrong with a child's heart drops the older they get.  Things can go wrong while they grow, but most likely something would have happened by now if it was going to.  The cardiologist recommended we see him again in a few years and that if things continued to look good at that visit we could probably go without any more checkups unless we had concerns.

In other words, Whit's little heart is going to get a clean bill of health.  Considering how many of Whitney's 1p36 Deletion friends have had severe concerns with their hearts, we're really grateful that she's doing just fine.  These are the kinds of doctor appointments we love to go to.

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