Friday, April 05, 2013

The Razor Misadventure

Whitney and her sister, Avery, getting ready for bed
Whitney is a sweet young lady with a very curious mind.  Sometimes her curiosity gets her into some interesting situations.  I've taken to calling them misadventures.  Here's an interesting example.

I shave in the morning using an electric rotary razor.  Some mornings when Whit is awake, she comes into the bathroom and watches me shaving before I head out the door.  Well, curiosity must have gotten the best of her with regard to my razor, because I turned it on one morning this week as I was getting ready for work and it did rattled and sounded funny.  I pulled off the top and found a couple of long brown hairs.  I pulled them out but decided I'd better look inside the individual heads.  And I'm glad I did.  Inside of each one, was a ball of Whitney's long, light brown hair.  I couldn't believe how much was in there.  I got things cleaned up and the razor worked fine.  But the mystery of how the hair got there remains.

The only thing Melanie and I could figure out is that Whitney got into our bathroom unseen at some point the day before.  She'd gotten my razor out of the drawer and removed the cover.  Then she'd managed to turn it on.  Whitney knows she doesn't have hair on her face, so she must have decided to hold it up to the hair on her head.  I can only imagine the unpleasant surprise she must have gotten when the rotary blades got a hold of her long hair and began to pull it in.  Luckily, she was able to get it turned back off.  Then she must have decided to put the cover back on and put it back in the drawer so no one would know.  She didn't try to tell Melanie or me about it and thankfully, and the whole episode must have only lasted a couple of minutes.  We couldn't see patchy areas in her hair.  So the surprise hairballs were left waiting for me the next morning.

I'm really glad she wasn't hurt and I've got to admit, seeing where that little girl's curiosity leads her is pretty funny.  And, luckily, we've all got a pretty good sense of humor around our house.  With some of our adventures, it comes in handy.

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