Friday, January 25, 2013

Nine Years!

Whitney had her ninth birthday this past week.  We celebrated with a small family gathering and Whit loved opening her presents.  As she tore open the wrapping paper, it made me smile to think about all of the progress she's made.  It wasn't that long ago that she lacked the dexterity and wasn't strong enough to open her own presents.

At her annual checkup the other day, Whitney's pediatrician was pleased to find her healthy in pretty much every way.  Even her ears were clear of infection.  That continues to be a pretty regular problem.  But we can give thanks that her heart, lungs and other organs are doing what they should.  Whit's well be low the growth chart for typical children.  But her doctor was pleased to report that she is indeed still growing.  Her weight, height and other measurements were all up.  Whitney was even pretty calm during the exam (except for the looking in the ears part, of course).

So as I reflect back on this little lady who joined our family on a wintery morning nine years ago, I give thanks for her health and well-being in spite of the challenges she's faced.  And I'm grateful for what she's taught me along the way.  I love her so much even though we don't always get along.  The next time she steals a bag of chips out of the kitchen pantry and eats them, leaving crumbs all over the family room floor, I need to remember what an accomplishment that is.  We've come so far.  Thanks for all the adventures.  Happy birthday little angel!


sherry said...

We are so proud of you Whitney! Happy birthday sweet angel. Lots of love and many more blessings to you all:)

Nate said...

Thanks Sherry! I passed your birthday wishes on to little Whit. Hope life it treating you all well. We miss seeing you. I wish we could find a way to get out to Texas to get together this summer. It'd sure be fun.

Heather Thorup said...

Happy Birthday beautiful! She is a delight to see:)