Thursday, July 12, 2012

Adaptive Swimming Lessons

We've been hit with a major heat wave here in Salt Lake with seven or eight days in a row of 100+ degree heat.  But Whitney has found a fun way to beat the heat.  She's been taking adaptive swimming lessons at the local recreation center.

The classes are similar to regular old lessons except that there is a teacher in the water for each child and the pace is a bit slower than a typical swim class.  Whitney has been learning the basics of being comfortable in the water and getting around.  She can almost walk around in the pool unassisted.  And she's also learning to put her face in the water and blow bubbles.  She can even lay on her back and float with a bit of help.

Whit wears special ear plugs to keep the water from getting into her inner ear through her tubes and sometimes a life preserver, mainly to give her confidence.  Each time she goes, she's getting good therapy and great exercise.  Because Whit loves the water it's easy to get her to cooperate too.  Best of all, when the lesson is over, Whit is tired out and she's been resting extra well at night.


Evan said...

It's great that Whitney can have such special attention while in the water. Thanks for sharing.

T said...

Whoo - Good job Whit!

I wish more places offered this 1:1 support, and moreover the love and attention that the video shows! It makes all the difference.

Are there any limits on what disabilities they will accept? E.g. do the kids have to be a certain ability?

Nate said...

Hi T, thanks for the comment! Whit sure loves the water. Most of the kids in her class are actually a bit more independent than she is. But they weren't really very strict about the specifics when we signed her up. Since the kids are just getting comfortable in the water, all ability levels seem welcome.

Whitney actually ended up in the class when one of the instructors met her in a typical swim class and told us about the adaptive ones. So they let us switch. They've been really good to us!

Anonymous said...

Our daughter was diagnosed 2 days ago. I just found your blog. So grateful for you!!

Nate said...

Hi Kate,

Thanks for posting. You've probably got a million questions after getting your daughter's diagnosis. Hope you're faring okay. If you'd like, we have a wonderful Facebook group full of parents that are great for sharing and answering questions. ( Melanie and I are both members there. There's also a great non-profit that looks after families affected by 1p36 Deletions. You can check them out at

Best Wishes!