Thursday, June 28, 2012

Completing Second Grade

Special ed children in Whitney's school district only get about a month and a half off during the summer.  This keeps them from forgetting too many skills during summer break.  We don't mind at all because Whitney loves school almost as much as she loves stealing smartphones from people. So we have mixed feelings about the fact that Whit will be moving on from second grade tomorrow.  She'll get a short break and then it's on to third grade in the fall.  It's hard to see her grow up so quickly.

This past school year has been a great one.  Whit has learned to read many new words and is now comfortable sitting down and reading and signing simple books to Melanie and I.  She's learning many valuable social skills through interacting with the other children.  She's making progress on self sufficiency skills.  And probably best of all she's beginning to grasp the concept of potty training.

Whitney has had the same great teacher for first and second grades and we were hoping that would continue for another year.  But her teacher is retiring.  So it's on to a new teacher and classroom in the fall.  We'll miss her teacher this last couple of years a lot and want to thank her and all the classroom aides and therapists for a very successful year.  We really can't thank you enough for all you've done for our daughter.

Last week, Whitney's class put on an end of year program and barbecue for the parents.  Above are a few shots of the songs the kids sang.  You can see why Whit loves school.  They always have so much fun!

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