Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Wanderer

Whitney is always on the go. She likes to be up and doing things all the time. She's usually the first one to get up in the morning, even beating the baby at the early riser game. She's almost always the first one up from the dinner table and she rarely sits still for an entire bedtime story.

I'm grateful she gets up and gets around so well independently. Her mobility is a great blessing that took years to develop. But it also creates some new challenges. Because Whitney wants to be on the go, she really has trouble focusing. She won't sit still when she's in class, at the dinner table or sitting on my lap to read a book. After just a few minutes she gets up and starts to wander. And she gets so upset when Melanie and I try to get her to come back and sit down.

So we're trying to find ways to keep her focused longer. Whit doesn't really like being forced to stay at the dinner table until we're through, but I think it will help her learn that important principle. Same goes for sitting with me until we're done reading the book she asked for.

We're going to try and get the folks at school on board as well. Last year she was permitted to get up from her desk in the middle of class and wander the classroom. This year, Melanie and I are going to request that the teacher and her helpers, assist Whitney in getting back to her seat at her desk.

The hope is that if this is required of her everywhere she goes, she'll gradually learn to sit still and pay attention. That's a life skill that's just as important as being able to walk on her own. Wish us luck!


Heather Thorup said...

She is so darling; I can't wait until my Carter can move around. I'm sure it is a mixed blessing. I hope she can focus more for you guys:)

PattiLS said...

NeVaeh is in a self contained class room and if she gets over stimulated they get her up and take her for a short walk or jump on a trampoline and she can sit again. She does spend a little time with her regular class but always has a one on one. She can sit long periods to work in school. I think the biggest help is the chair they purchased for her. It is a rocker chair. Looks like a regular class room chair with rocker rungs under it. I posted it the other day on one of the entries on the 1p site. She cannot sit still and this allows her to rock in her continuous motion as she needs this cannot sit still in any fashion unless sound asleep and she can focus so much better with this!

Nate said...

Thank you! A rocker is a very good idea. Whitney is the same way. Her legs have to constantly be moving. So a chair like that would allow her to stay seated in class and still have some kind of soothing motion.

Jamie said...

love your determination not to shut in your baby girl. This post blessed me today. So thanks for that. You are not alone and your blog reminded me that neither am I.

Nate said...

Thanks, Jamie. I'm really glad this helped you. And remember, you are never alone!