Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to School Already?

The special ed classes Whitney attends are on Utah's "Year 'Round" schedule. That means Whitney's summer break is a tad on the short side. In fact, she started back to class last week.

But that didn't stop Whit from trying to lengthen out her summer by any means possible. Sunday evening Whit didn't feel like eating dinner, which happens fairly often lately. Melanie and I exchanged knowing glances. And sure enough, on Monday morning, when it came time to wake up for school, Whitney was sick to her stomach. So we got to meet Whit's new bus driver, but that was it.

Whit continued to be sick to her stomach and lethargic all through Monday, Tuesday and most of Wednesday. Melanie did what she could to push fluids into her to prevent dehydration. Whit mostly laid around the house feeling weak. Finally, by Thursday she felt well enough to go to class and begin the school year.

Thankfully, the reports we get back from her teacher have said that Whit seems to be doing well, but we're concerned with the continuing stomach sickness spells that she gets every couple of weeks. Being out sick so often causes her to miss too much! We've tried cultures to detect infections and a variety of other tests, but so far no answers. We'll just have to keep looking and sending Whitney to school in between the pukey days.

The video above is of a bit of time we spent out late one summer evening blowing bubbles.

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Heather Thorup said...

I hope Whitney feels better and eats better for you guys! Eating is some of the most frustrating parts of being a parent I think. I hope she enjoys the school year. What cute sweet girls!