Saturday, January 09, 2010

Taking the Stairs

In my post earlier this week, I mentioned how Whitney has now decided to take the stairs standing up. Melanie and I can safely say it wasn't our idea either. Just our independent little girl deciding to do it. Melanie caught Whit in action now so you can have a look. Just please hang on tight to that rail!


sherry said...

That is so AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing the video with us. It gives us so much hope with our Kaylee bean. Way to go Whitney! This is just the telling what she will be doing next. What an awesome way to start the new year!!

Sherry Culvahouse (mom of Kayee 17mo/1p36 & Allison 5 yrs)

Kathy said...

GOOD JOB !!! You can really tell she is determined. She seems to be tall and that is a plus! I like the last step where she looks down, she seems to be cautious. (Good thinking) Kathy (Gramma to Gavin who will soon be 5 next month and is always in a hurry when he does something.