Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cascade Dafo Saves the Day

This post is going to read like an endorsement for Cascade Dafo, the folks who make my daughter's ankle braces. It's not because they've paid me anything, but because they've gone above and beyond the call of duty to help my little daughter out.

On Monday, Melanie took Whitney back to the Physical Therapist to see what could be done about Whitney's new braces. They had rubbed her skin raw and caused bruises along the inside of her ankles. After looking at Whit's ankles and at the braces, the PT concluded that the braces do fit properly based on how the molds came out. In other words, Cascade made the braces correctly. But they don't have sufficient arch support. This causes Whitney's ankles to turn inward enough to hurt them with the constant pressure and rubbing.

No amount of padding or recasting could really fix that problem. But the PT contacted Cascade and together they decided to approach the problem with a new type of ankle brace that should provide a lot more arch support.

Cascade will be able to make the new braces from the foot molds they already have on file for Whitney, which will save us time and another office visit. The best part is, when Melanie mentioned they needed to rush the order so Whitney could have them before an upcoming trip, they said, "No problem!" They'll make sure to have them delivered the day before we leave. And they're not going to charge us anything for the new braces!

And it doesn't end there. We now have a stock pile of three different sets of braces that don't fit Whitney any more. Melanie asked if there was some way to donate those to a child in need. Sure enough, Cascade takes donated ankle braces that are no longer being used. And they'll add padding and other things to make them work for children who need them and can't pay for them.

It really impressed me to hear of a company, especially in the medical device industry, that is so responsive to individual customers and kind to those in need. They actually care. And Whitney will be able to walk on our trip thanks to their attention.


Patti said...

Whahoo! What a relief! Sounds like this is a great place and I am glad that they came thru after all.

Unknown said...

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