Monday, July 06, 2009

Ankle Brace Pain

Whitney is now on her third pair of DAFO ankle braces to give her support when walking. The braces make it possible for her to keep her balance and walk without her ankles rolling inward due to low muscle tone.

However, we've encountered a problem that we didn't have with her first two pairs of braces. The left one has started to rub Whit's foot raw. Melanie noticed Whitney's reluctance to walk after only a few days with the new set of braces. She assumed it had more to do with the new pair of shoes she'd bought to go with them. But Whit began to protest no matter what shoes she wore with her DAFOs. So we knew it must be the new brace.

Soon we began to see redness at the points where the brace was rubbing. Then around her left ankle we began to see bruising as well. We've stopped using them and Melanie called the Physical Therapist's office. They'll be rushing us in to get a new mold cast which will hopefully provide a less painful fit for Whitney's foot. They may also be able to solve some of the problems with a little more foam in strategic places inside the brace. Cascade, the good folks who made the braces, guarantee them for life. So the new fitting won't cost us anything.

They're going to make it a priority job because Whitney's old pair of braces no longer fit and she's left with wobbly ankles without them. Thankfully her sore ankle has begun to heal. But we've learned an important lesson. We'll be sure to keep a closer eye out for painful spots on her feet in the future.

Oh, and by the way! Whitney loves sparklers! As you can see. Now we've just got to teach her not to try and touch the part that's burning. :-)


Julie said...

It looks like she definitely loved those sparklers! Hopefully her braces start getting better for her!

Amber Leigh said...

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