Monday, June 08, 2009

Whitney Sharing

I've been writing about a lot of clinical aspects of Whitney's care lately. But that doesn't give an accurate picture of many of the small moments our family enjoys with her. Here are a couple of experiences that have reminded me of what a special little girl she is:

We get notes home with Whitney every day after school so we know what she has done and we can talk with her about it. This is something we really appreciate. But lately Whitney has begun telling us details about her day all by herself. One day last week Whit arrived home from school and excitedly signed to Melanie "dog" and "pet." Melanie is so in tune with our daugher. She asked, "Did you get to pet a dog at school today?" Whitney nodded excitedly. Overhearing this conversation as Whit climbed off the bus, the bus aide confirmed that one of the little boys at the elementary school had brought his dog and had let Whitney pet it on her way out to the school bus.

Small things like this make us feel closer to our little girl. We get to find out first hand the things that make her happy or excited. And she's not shy about sharing if she can get you to pay attention. Over the course of the week she told anyone who would listen (watch) about how she got to pet a dog at school.

Another day, Whit's little brother Liam wouldn't eat his lunch and so he didn't get to have some candy afterward. Whitney polished off her sandwich without any trouble and was rewarded with a pack of Smarties. (Her favorite.) Liam was excused from the table, but as he left he made a quick grab for a couple of Whit's Smarties. Melanie scolded him. But Whitney picked up a couple of the candies and handed them to her little brother. She knew how badly he wanted some and was willing to share with him from her limited supply.

It's truly profound, the lessons Whitney teaches me each day of her life. How grateful I am for my kind little daughter. Sharing stories and Smarties never taught me so much.


Candle Ends said...

I love it when our kids surprise us. For all their setbacks, they have depth and compassion that we tend to overlook or forget.

Kimberly Whitaker said...

She is such a sweetie! I can not wait to see you guys soon!

Nate said...

Hi Kim! We're looking forward to seeing you as well. Really excited you're able to bring the whole family to the conference this year too!

Hope you're all starting to feel better! Talk to you soon.

Shay said...

What wonderful stories! They brought tears to my eyes!