Saturday, June 13, 2009

New DAFO's, Shoes and a Growth Spurt

Whitney's new DAFO's finally arrived and she got to try them on for the first time yesterday morning. They are quite a bit bigger than her last pair, but that's because Whit is quite a bit bigger too. Her physical therapist commented on Whitney's height. Our little lady seems to be getting quite a bit taller lately and her feet are definitely growing as well. We don't notice it since we're with her all the time but it's always good to hear from others that see Whit's progress.

The exciting thing about her new braces is their shape. Now that Whit's feet are longer her braces are a more typical shape. The ratio between width and length of her old braces made typical shoes from the shoe store impossible. Hatchback shoes worked great for Whit when this was a problem. But I'm thrilled to report that Whitney can now wear shoes made by pretty much any one. The only person more thrilled is Melanie. She's been to the local shoe store three different times since Thursday and has bought three or four pairs of new dress and casual shoes for Whitney. Whit's never had such variety of styles and colors to choose from before. And she's really having a good time with some, previously unavailable, shoe fashions. I'd better hang onto my wallet. The ritual mother-daughter shoe shopping has begun!


Melanie said...

Now the only thing Nate forgot to mention was that the four pair of shoes I got were $10 less than one pair of hatchback shoes are! So they were a great deal! Plus, a girl has to have her shoes!!!


Julie said...

bargain shopper Mel! COngrats to Whit and every girl needs countless shoes so congrats to Mel too! :)

Colby and Dani said...

Nate....little girls, older girls, Mommy-girls, all girls MUST have shoes!! Lots of shoes!!! Lots of colors, styles, and options!! :) Yay Whitney!!

Shay said...

oh how exciting!!! I love shoes! Go get 'em girls!!!wessw