Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bedtime Envy

At bedtime in our house we usually sing a song or read a book before lights out. This usually takes place in Whitney's room and Liam takes advantage of the opportunity to sneak into Whitney's bed. He's still in a crib and loves the idea of a big bed for himself.

Liam's invasion of Whitney's territory frustrates her a little. Especially since Liam is not inclined to sit still for more than a split second. Melanie and I decided to rectify the situation and start moving Liam to a big bed of his own. Our neighbors were moving and sold us a toddler bed perfect for our little boy. It's in the shape of a car.

Liam is taking to it pretty well, but there's one small problem. Now the bed envy has reversed. I was doing some chores downstairs when I heard Whitney sounding upset. I rushed upstairs to find her in Liam's room. She had climbed in to Liam's bed! And Liam decided to join her. She was upset because he was hogging the covers.


B said...

Kyle told me you had a blog, so I thought I would check it out :) I loved learning more about Whitney, her and Liam are some of the cutest kids I know!

Nate said...

Thanks, Britt! Kind of you to stop by. My kids think you are pretty cool too! We'll be doing a family dinner sometime in July as well. So don't be a stranger. You're welcome any time.