Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Signing Flash Cards

The last few weeks we've been trying some new things to engage Whitney more in the deaf mentor lessons. Brett brought some flash cards for Whit to run through and she did really well. Here's a clip of Whit showing off her stuff.

She definitely knows more signs than her daddy!


Shay said...

Oh how wonderful!!! She's so smart!!

Gavin Ross said...


you are so smart. You truly are an inspiration to us moms and dads and to little kids like Zoe. Thank you to your mommy and daddy for sharing stuff like this too- it gives us great hope. Zoe knows about ten signs now- maybe you two will be able to talk to each other some day soon!

Troy Farnsworth said...

Go Whitney! I saw that stack of cards in the mentors hand. Let that video run longer next time. We want to see more. Brady would love to watch Whitney sign. That was seriously awesome.