Thursday, November 27, 2008

10 Things I'm Thankful For

It's a day for giving thanks here in the US. So here are ten things I'm grateful for this year:

10. Whitney running around the house in her walker.

9. A great deaf mentor who's helping us communicate better through ASL.

8. Whitney's constant laughter that keeps us in a good mood.

7. Special needs preschool and all the great teachers there.

6. Liam who loves to perform for Whitney.

5. Being able to be with our friends in the support group back in September.

4. Good healthcare coverage for all those doctors visits and checkups.

3. Extended family and friends who support us in the tough times.

2.Special family times we get to spend together.

1. Hugs and kisses from a little girl who has unconditional love for all.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

1 comment:

Shay said...

I love your list!! It's wonderful..thank you for sharing it!