Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Today at School I was...

Whitney was excited to head back to school yesterday. When she got home Melanie found a note in her bag. It was a little form that the school will be sending home each day. It made me laugh out loud and I'll try to reproduce the form here:

Name: Whitney Date: 11-10-08

Today at school I was..........

Happy Grumpy Sleepy Energetic Quiet Noisy Cooperative Other:

(Happy was circled for Whit)

I played with: monkey
I did / didn't help clean up. (Whitney didn't. We're still working on that.)

For snack I ate: Milk and crackers (spilled milk)

Messages from my Teachers: This report will come home with your child each school day.

I'm really looking forward to seeing these little update notes each day. Since Whitney doesn't speak, a report like this will be really helpful to know what we can work on. For instance, I guess we'd better work a bit harder on cleaning up after playtime. And she spills her milk at school just like at home! It's really fun to learn more about what goes on during her school days.


Dale said...

That's adorable!

Genevieve Ross said...

Sounds like a nice communication tool. It is tricky since other kids you would ask "How was your day at school?" It is great the school is thinking of creative ways to keep the communcation with you guys open.