Friday, August 22, 2008

More Progress Standing

Melanie has been working Whitney really hard this summer. We want Whit to stand and walk on her own so badly. Liam makes it look so effortless and fun and Whit just craves more independence. Luckily the progress is coming, slowly. I shot a little video of her standing workout and you can see how confident she is on her feet now. The thing I missed when I took the video is that Whit will now take up to for or five steps, all on her own, to balance check herself as she stands. It's so exciting to see!

We're starting to notice more muscle developing in her legs and her stamina continues to improve. So at this rate it may take until she's eight or nine years old, but I don't care. I know she'll walk all by herself when the time is right. And it still makes me cheer inside when I see her trying.


Genevieve Ross said...

Wow- way to go Whitney!

Gavin Ross said...

That is amazing. Thanks for sharing her accomplishments. You should all be very proud!