Friday, August 22, 2008

An Update on My Nephew

Thanks to the many who contacted Melanie and I through calls, email and comments on my last post about my nephew, Mack.  We were all shocked at the news, but there might be some relief in sight.  After scaring Melanie's sister and her husband with the news on Monday, the doctor has been doing some back pedaling.  Before he proceeds with painful, invasive tests on Mack's bone marrow, the doctor would like to treat him for Mono.  As it turns out the symptoms are similar and it's possible that's all the poor little guy has got.

My question is, why didn't the doctor say this before?  And how is it possible to mistake Mononucleosis for Leukemia?  But we won't complain about swapping an illness requiring chemo and radiation in exchange for one that only requires antibiotics and rest.

Thanks again for all of your thoughts and prayers.  And no matter what, I'm still going to spend more time hugging and playing with my kids!  Every day is still a gift.

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Unknown said...

That is wonderful news. I am glad it is just a case of mono, and they spared him more pain.