Sunday, August 31, 2008

Good Experiences at Whit's New School

Whitney got a short and fun new haircut start the school year with.  Her hair was getting quite long and unmanageable so Melanie decided to chop it quite short.  Whitney loves it and Melanie enjoys curling it and making it look cute each school day.

Whitney went to school all four days this past week and seems to be really enjoying it.  She goes from 9 to 11 which really helps to give her enough energy to make it through class.  Last year she didn't finish until 1 and that was too close to nap time for her to make it all the way through.

Melanie helped Whitney off the bus the first day and asked her how it was.  Whitney excitedly signed, "School, school!"  We didn't really know what she did that day but it was evident from her enthusiasm that she'd had a good time.  That level of excitement stayed each day through the week.

Thursday after class, Melanie gave Andrea, her new preschool teacher, a call to see how things went.  Andrea reported that Whitney had a good week.  They're getting to know each other pretty well and that Whitney signs openly with her and the teacher's assistants.  Although it's good there are three adults in the room with her because they have caught her pulling her hearing aids out.  Thankfully they've helped her get them back in before those fragile little things made it to her mouth!

Whitney also gets to ride the bus with a couple of other friends in the neighborhood which makes her very happy.  So we've kicked off another school year with pretty good results.  We're glad to have such a beautiful new little school to send Whitney to and such great teachers to help her along.

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Genevieve Ross said...

Great picture of Mel and Whit. I am so glad to hear the school is so supportive.
See you at conference,
Genevieve- mom to Zoe