Sunday, June 22, 2008

School's Out

Whitney has been attending (and loving) preschool three days a week since her birthday in January and twice a week for a whole year before that.  She's made all kinds of new friends and learned a lot of new skills.

She took a long time to warm up to signing at school since she is pretty overwhelmed by being surrounded by so many other children.  But the past six to eight months she's been more open to communicating with the other students and participating in the classroom activities.  She's also been receiving physical and speech therapy during her two hour school blocks.

On Friday, was the annual school's out open house where the children made graduation caps, sang the songs they'd learned and showed off some other things they'd done during the school year.  Whitney had a blast showing off for Melanie and Grandma Mary, who went to watch.  At one point during the songs, Whit pointed at her teacher and signed funny.  She thinks watching her teachers do the actions with songs is pretty hilarious.  

School has been a great experience for Whitney who waits anxiously for the bus each school day.

Next year due to our growing community and the completion of another school, Whitney will be changing schools.  When she starts in the fall she'll go four days a week to a school that is closer to home.  But we are a little concerned about getting used to a new teacher and a new class.  Luckily Whitney adjusts quickly to change.  The shake up will probably be harder on Melanie and I.  But for now it's time for summer vacation and some more time to be with the family.

Thanks to all those who have done so much to assist Whitney during her first two years of special needs preschool.  You have done so much to assist my daughter in learning the skills she'll need to succeed in every day life.  It's a thankless job sometimes, but Melanie and I are very grateful for your love and dedication.


Anderson Family said...

I think Whit will love the new school. She is such a people person!

She is doing amazing with sign. i love watching her communicate so well. I do love signing!

Kajsa Farnsworth said...

I love that picture - Whitney looks truly excited and happy to be at school! You are doing wonders to calm our fears about Brady heading off to pre-school in August. I hope your experience at the new school is as great as the last two years.

p.s. it's great to hear that you went on vacation. fun!

Unknown said...

Whitney looks adorable. Have fun in your new school Whitney. I am sure you will charm them.

Nate said...

Thanks everybody for your kind comments. I forgot to mention the best part of Whitney's new school routine. Starting this fall she'll go at 9 am instead of 11:30 so she'll have more energy to get through all the activities! We're very excited.

Jenny said...

Hey Nate & Melanie it sounds like whitney is doing great and a new school will bring so many new adventures. I am very excited to say that Taylor is starting kindergaten in the fall. I think she will be alot more stimulated there. She is doing so good and has made huge progress this past winter. I have posted a couple of videos of her on our family blog. Feel free to check them out they are cute.
We would love to come visit this summer when we come down for more apointments. I know Taylor would love to see whitney again.