Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday, Whitney

Four years ago Melanie and I spent a week coming and going to the NICU at a nearby hospital waiting for our newborn little girl to be strong enough to take home.  At first she couldn't even get enough oxygen by herself.  Then she still wasn't strong enough to eat by herself.  She flunked her hearing test two or three different times.  We used to sit by her hospital crib and watch the blood oxygen sensor rise and fall, occasionally sounding an alarm and sending nurses rushing to her side.  We used to await the weigh-ins to see if she had finally gained an ounce or two so we could bring her home.

Fast forward four years.  I can't believe the miracles I've seen.  With a little help, that same little girl, now over three feet tall and almost 25 pounds, opened her fourth birthday gifts.  She got all kinds of new clothes, some new Signing Time DVDs and a new doll that she's fallen in love with.

At four years old, she can feed herself and get around with her walker.  She goes to school on the big yellow school bus.  She makes some of her own choices about what to eat, wear or do with her time.  She's even been a good example to her little brother who was born this past year.

I can't begin to describe all the things we've seen as Whitney has progressed and learned over the years.  But what I do know is that she has been a huge blessing to Melanie and I.  We can't imagine life without her.  Happy Birthday, Whitney!


bella said...

Happy Happy Birthday Whitney! What a great four years it sounds like you've had!


Mindy said...

I can't believe it's been four years! What a blessing she's been to everyone who knows her! Happy Birthday Whit!

Alan said...

Happy Birthday Whitney! She sure has made a lot of progress. We are lucky to have her in our family, bro. I love getting her juicy kisses!

Kajsa Farnsworth said...

Happy Birthday Whitney! We are so glad we got to meet you and your family. You are not just an inspiration to your own family but to our little family as well (and many others I'm sure)! Have fun with your birthday toys and videos. :-)
Troy, Kajsa & Brady

Candle Ends said...

Very Happy Birthday, Whitney from Misha and the Hardings. I hope you have a very progressive year. It's been very exciting to watch as you have grown since we found you last year.


Nate said...

Thanks everybody for your kind birthday wishes. We've shared them with Whit and she blows you all kisses. ;-)

Angie said...

HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY WHITNEY! The DeKeyrel family was thinking of you on Jan 20th! We send hugs and kisses across the U.S. to you. We are glad to hear that you enjoyed YOUR DAY and hope to see you again this year. God bless you guys.
Love, The DeKeyrel crew

Carmela said...

Happy Birthday Whitney! It looks like you had a fun party. Hope to see you again soon!
-Carmela, Ken, Gabriella & Joseph