Sunday, January 27, 2008

Snow Therapy

Winter here in Salt Lake has been especially severe this year.  We've had quite a bit more snow and ice than normal.  It's made it pretty difficult for Whitney to spend much time outside.  In summer she loves going out for an afternoon walk around the block with her walker.  But in winter, it's just too icy and dangerous.

Luckily there are other winter activities we can help her participate in.  This past Monday, I was off work and a very severe storm hit the valley.  It didn't let up until just before lunchtime, but once I got the walks and driveway clear, Melanie and I decided to take Whitney tubing.

We blew up some small inflatable inner tubes and headed for the neighborhood park.  The park has some gentle hills that are perfect to tube down with little ones.  It was pretty cold, but we did a few runs with Whitney on my lap and a few more with her on Melanie's lap.  She smiled and laughed the whole time.  She kept sticking her gloved hands in the snow and moving it around.  She was pretty curious about how snow feels and moves.  

When everybody was cold and wanted to leave Whitney signed, "Finished."  I think all the snowy fun tired her out pretty well.  When we got home and warm again, Whitney went to the door and signed, "Outside."  But instead we all settled in for a warm winter afternoon nap. 

Whitney definitely misses being outside more this time of year.  We'll have to come up with some more fun ways to have "snow therapy" this time of year.

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kylee said...

I love reading your family updates...I just don't generally take the time to sign in. Sarah enjoyed sledding this year also!