Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Therapy Update

Whitney has been attending physical, occupational and speech therapy every week or sometimes every other week for the past few months. The physical therapist has been very helpful in getting Whitney fitted for a new walker. It hasn't arrived yet, but it will be very helpful.

Lately we've cut back a lot on physical and occupational therapy. After talking with therapists, it just doesn't make sense to see them as often as we are. It's costly and we're just doing the same exercises. She is just not progressing quickly enough that weekly visits are beneficial enough. So Melanie has stepped up and begun filling in at home, putting Whitney through the same workouts at home. Then when we see progress sufficient, that we need some new help we'll head back for more sessions.

As for speeck therapy, we're actually seeing more progress in this area. We'll be keeping the weekly visits going because Whitney is actually beginning to babble more. The hard work in this area is paying off. We're hearing more "mamamama" and "bababa" than ever and I'm pleased to see Whitney's progress. I'm hoping to see Whitney begin forming actual words at about the same time as her little brother Liam does. That's ambitious, I know, but with all the help she's getting, I believe she can do it!

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