Monday, December 10, 2007

Fashion Choices

Whit and Liam getting exited for Christmas

Melanie and I often place decisions in front of Whitney to help her learn to make choices.  "Do you want crackers or chips for a snack?"  or "Do you want to wear your white shoes or your black shoes to school?"  We feel like it helps her to start making her own decisions and maybe one day start helping to solve her own problems.

In the mean time, one fun thing we've started to notice is when Whitney will decide on something and take action all on her own without being prompted.  My favorite example of this is Whitney's necklaces.  Melanie bought Whitney some brightly colored toy necklaces because Whit was always asking to wear Melanie's.  Whit's careful to observe what Melanie is wearing and will often imitate her.  And lately she's even moved beyond imitation.  Instead of putting on one of her necklaces when she sees Melanie wearing a necklace, she just gets up in the morning and decides to put one on.

The other day she came down from her room wearing a green necklace she had chosen for the day.  Yesterday she wore her four favorite ones to go to church.   Melanie has decided to respect her fashion decisions and even sends her to school wearing them.  I think it's cute to see her making choices like that for herself.  I'm also very pleased to see Whitney developing to the point where she can decide all by herself what she wants to wear.  Melanie and I will be pleased to watch this expand as she learns to put on and take off other clothing all by herself.  Every day brings something new.

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Mindy said...

What a darling picture! Aren't siblings so fantastic? What a blessing! I love that Whitney is such a girl, wanting to be like her cute mommy! Girls are so much fun!