Thursday, November 29, 2007

Using the Potty!

Whitney shocked us all a little while back.  She has been signing stinky and diaper quite a bit.  We know that she is uncomfortable as soon as she gets a dirty diaper and most of the time her diaper is even wet.  So watching Signing Time, she's learned diaper and stinky and on her own started putting them together to let Melanie and I know when she needs a change.  I'm quite proud that she's doing this and it makes things easier for all of us.

However, Melanie is always pushing Whitney to progress and didn't want to leave things at that.  so one day out shopping she picked up a little potty that plays music to reward the child when they use it.  It's a big leap from signing, "Hey, my diaper is dirty" to actually being able to use the bathroom.  so I had my doubts.

But Whitney is always proving me wrong and this is just another case.  Shortly after we returned from the Florida conference, we were sitting at dinner.  Whitney started signing "stinky" and Melanie asked her if she needed to go.  Whitney responded "want."  So Melanie picked her up and put her on the new musical potty.  Whitney seemed to know just what was going on.  The didn't cry or complain and a few minutes later, I heard the music play from the other room.  She actually went to the bathroom on her new potty the first time she tried!  Totally amazing!  

I'm actually still really surprised about it even though it's been a couple weeks.  In the time since, things have been a lot more hit and miss, but she is learning and even if it takes us a year or more, potty training is something else, my little girl will definitely master.  Way to go, Whitney!


Angie said...

Hello,Whitney. I'm so glad that you're using the potty!! I'v been looking at all your other updates and I saw the picture when you were wearing your little miss muffet hat,you looked very cute in it. Your little brother Liam is very cute,too. I can't wait until I get to meet you in person.
Alexis(Angies daughter)

Mindy said...

Yay Whitney! That is such a HUGE step! We are all very excited for you all! Keep up the good work!