Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ordering a Walker

Whitney has used a borrowed walker from the local school district for the last year and a half. Melanie and I have always wondered if we ought to buy one that would be a better fit for her or that would help her more. We just didn't know how long it would be before she's able to walk independently. As it turns out, it may still be a year or more before she's off and running on her own. So with the assitance of the Physical Therapist that Whitney sees, we've selected a walker that should help Whitney enjoy getting around in the mean time.

It's a Crocodile reverse walker from SnugSeat. The frame is made of light aluminum so Whitney can lift it when she needs to. It and has height adjustments for the handles so she won't outgrow it before she's walking on her own. We're having a little fold-out seat added so she can sit down when she's tired. That'll come in handy when we're out shopping. The rear wheels ratchet so that the walker only rolls forward. The front wheels can swivel so when Whit gets more confident she won't have to lift the walker in order to turn. For now we'll just lock the front wheels in a forward position so she doesn't tip over. The wheels themselves are large enough that Whitney will be able to get off road whenever she wants. She's always been envious of kids playing in their yards when her walker has kept her confined to the sidewalk. Now she'll be off and cruising pretty much anywhere she wants.

Needless to say we're pretty excited to have her try this new walker out. We've placed the order and it will take a while for it to come. Then there will be some work at the therapists to get Whitney comfortably transitioned from her old walker to the new one. But I think this will make a big difference in Whitney's life. And it's always fun to find things that make such a big difference. More on the walker when we get it and can try it out. For now, you can find more info about the Crocodile online at

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