Monday, November 19, 2007

Favorite Conference Pics and a Few Words of Inspiration

It took me some time to go through all the pictures Melanie and I took at the Florida conference earlier this month.  My only regret is that we didn't take more.  There were just so many new friends and amazing moments that our camera simply couldn't do them all justice.  Here at last are the best of the photos we took.

Kim and Abbie during Family Share Time

Imitating Whitney's "Happy Balancing Act and Arm Flap"

Group photo, unfortunately with quite a few friends missing.  Next time we'll have to do this at the beginning of the conference.

Our friends Dana, Angie and their beautiful daughter Alayna

Whitney plays with some of her new friends in the hotel lobby

Whitney with friends Carmela and her son Joseph

Kim and little Abbie again.  Abbie reminds me so much of Whit when she was younger.

Whitney plays with Abbie's daddy, Lee

Whitney liked Lee so much she decided to dance with him.

I wasn't prepared to see so many children younger than Whitney at the conference.   So many families are fighting battles that we've been through with Whit.  Had I realized I was going to meet so many of you in those circumstances I would have thought of a few inspiring things to say.  But if there are some of you with younger children out there reading,  I want you to know that your little 1p36 child will learn to sit up, crawl and walk.  He or she will learn to eat.  And most important of all, your child will be able to tell you that they love you!


Kajsa Farnsworth said...

Great pictures and a very encouraging message to us with younger kids! It does help tremendously to hear about all of the things that Whitney can do. I am most amazed by how many signs she knows. I thought signing would be impossible but we are now up to ten signs including "Dad." I'm sure "Mom" is just around the corner ;-)

Nate said...

Glad your little one is starting to sign. That's such a fun time. Soon you're little one will be saying Love and Mom and Love and Dad. That'll really touch your heart!