Monday, December 24, 2007

New Friend Brady

We were excited to meet some new friends the other evening.  Brady is a little two and a half year old who has an interstitial deletion of the 1p region.  He was in town with his parents, Kajsa and Troy, visiting family for Christmas.  We had a little dinner with them and visited while Whitney and Brady played.

It's always fun to see the similarities with kids like Whitney.  Brady and Whitney both like to bang toys on the hard floor in our kitchen and entry way.  The noise, I think, is a stimulus for them.  Brady is a smiley little guy who seems to be happy a lot like Whitney most of the time.  
His parents mentioned he has a cranky time before bed, but he was a perfect gentleman at our place.

We talked a lot about some of the frustrations we all share.  Like how hard it is to find good services for our children and tracking down caregivers who are a good fit.  Life sure is interesting as parents of disabled children and it's always a good feeling to have others to commiserate with.

Like Whitney, Brady is the first child in his family, so we talked about how we started discovering things that didn't seem quite right and how that led to a diagnosis.  Brady has had some seizures so we hope those can be managed without having to medicate him too much.
Thanks to Brady, Kajsa and Troy for coming by to say hi.  We all love making new friends.

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