Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year, New Experiences

Looking back to the beginning of 2007, our family has sure changed.  Whitney was an only child a year ago but little brother Liam arrived in March and really rocked our boat.  Whitney has been a great big sister and she's also a great example to her little brother.  I'm pretty sure the only reason Liam started crawling shortly before he turned 9 months old is because he'd watched Whitney do it so much.  Now Liam's biggest trouble is that he can't crawl as fast as his speedy older sister does.  She's had two years of practice, after all.

We've seen lots of great new experiences this past year.  The highlight of course was meeting personally with all of our 1p36 family in Florida back in November.  How great to be with others who share the same story as our family.  We look forward to many more exciting things in 2008.

One last new experience Whitney had to close out the year was her first time bowling.  Grandma and Grandpa took the whole family out to bowl and while Whitney only tried a couple of frames, she had a blast.  The bowling alley had a special ramp that Melanie and I put Whit's ball on.  Then Whitney stood behind it and pushed it down the ramp and down the bowling lane.  She smiled and kept asking for more.  So is suspect we'll have to get out and bowl as a family again soon.  It probably won't be long before Whit is beating my score.  After all, I was just pleased to break 80!

So happy New Year to everyone!  I hope your year is filled with exciting new experiences and new things to learn.

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