Sunday, September 30, 2007

Big Sister Helps

My son, Liam, has been extremely cranky lately. He's getting his bottom teeth and he's trying our patience quite a bit. But leave it to little Whitney to pitch in and help in her own little way. Other than holding Liam all the time, the only thing that makes him happy is playing with Whitney. She likes to check out what Liam is doing and he loves the attention. When he's in his exersaucer, Whitney will stand up next to him and show him how all the different toys rattle and move.

Liam's all time favorite thing is to be in his bouncer and have Whitney watch him. He jumps and jumps and Whitney laughs and laughs. The two of them are getting to be very good little friends. The best result of all is a few minutes of sanity time for Melanie, who can always use a break even if it's short.

So as I look at other three year olds and the ways they're able to pitch in around the house, I can't complain. Maybe Whitney can't dress herself and make her bed in the morning, but she loves helping out by making her little brother happy. She's a great big sister, developmental delays and all.

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Candle Ends said...

The laugh!!!! The laugh is what I love the most. No matter what kind of day I have had, if you can get Misha laughing, my day is fixed. Yesterday, my kids were goofing around and had Misha laughing so hard he couldn't keep his balance. Just another one of the blessing these kids bring.