Sunday, September 23, 2007

In Is In

For years my wife and I have coaxed Whitney to put something into a container. We've always been told about how important developmentally it is for a child to "put things in." And we have always been pretty pleased with Whitney, because after much coaxing she will usually put the block in the box, or whatever. But she would only do it after we had pestered her a great deal.

But that's all in the past now, because at our house "in" is now the in thing. At dinner time any food that will fit ends up in Whitney's cup. Melanie has had to keep me from scolding Whitney about it a couple of times by reminding me that it's an important developmental step. Silly me, it looked just like any other mess to me. And that's not all.

Yesterday morning Whitney got up before anyone else and decided to have some fun. She headed for the bathroom on our main floor and lifted up the lid of the toilet. She proceded splash and get toilet water all over the floor. This was one first, but she didn't stop there. Next she headed to the garbage and decided an empty milk jug would float really well there in the toilet bowl. You should have seen my face when I got up and found her and the mess a little while later.

So I guess we have conquered "in" pretty well at our house even if it means garbage in the toilet! By the way, no picture of this one because I was so shocked by what Whitney had done, that taking one slipped my mind.


Candle Ends said...

HAAAAA! I know your pain. Misha's love of water has resulted in many toilet bowl baths.

In fact, one of our toilets is has some kind of blockage and I suspect Misha is the culprit.

Angie said...

This put a smile on my face and I giggled as I read it. These are those priceless moments that we just have to smile and "laugh off" and try not to get mad. Thanks for the heads up in this department!I'm glad to hear "in is in." That is a good way of putting it. Can't wait to meet all of you...especially Whitney!