Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Pulling Up To Stand

My wife and I are working very hard to get our little one to stand up on her own. If she crawls to the couch and wants something out of reach we can coach her to follow the steps to get to a stand, but she wasn't fond of doing it herself. Up until last week that is.

But first a little back story. My daughter loves to "talk" to me on the phone at lunch. I ask her how her day is and what she's been doing. She sometimes responds by vocalizing or laughing. When my wife calls to talk, my daughter always points at the phone and signs "want" and "Dad". It's kind of a fun bond we've developed.

So back to standing. Last week my wife was on the couch talking on the phone with one of her friends when my daughter caught sight of her. My daughter made a bee line for the couch, my wife and the phone. Before my wife even noticed, my little girl was standing straight up next to the couch reaching for the phone and signing "Dad". She had grabbed the couch with her hands, put her right foot on the floor and used her right leg to push up to a full stand all without being coached. We were so proud of her. But you can imagine her disappointment when my daughter found out that it wasn't me on the phone!


bella said...

OH, woohoo!!! Go, Little One!!!

(They certainly are good at surprising you, aren't they!?)

I can't wait to see photos of your little one on her way up! EK just learned that she can reach the light switches; good sleep is a thing of the past for my older kids now! (oops!)


Nate said...

I'll have to put up a picture when I have a chance. I can't believe EK is flipping light switches. That's hilarious! It's so fun to watch these children progress.