Monday, October 16, 2006

Drinking from a Cup

My wife and I have had the goal of getting our little one drinking from a cup for what seems like ages. We’ve been patient as she’s progressed from using forms of sippy cups and straws to using the real thing. Recently my wife found some cups that have a very small diameter at the store and bought a few. The smaller width makes them easier to hold and tougher to dump out the corner of her mouth. My daughter’s been using them for a few weeks now and is getting pretty self-sufficient. She will pick up the cup and carefully bring it to her mouth. She pivots the cup to her mouth with her elbows instead of her wrists which looks pretty awkward. But in time she’ll get the dexterity down a little better.

There are a few other funny glitches that we’re still working on too. My wife and I have tried to teach our little girl to place her food back on her plate between bites. And she’s getting good at remembering this. Trouble is, that’s where she thinks the cup needs to go too. She also gets a bit excited and dumps the cup too much before it gets to her mouth. My wife and I are learning as we go too. Right now we’re learning not to fill the cup too full! Thank goodness for bibs with big pockets.


bella said...

Wow! That is so wonderful! Cups are hard to learn! (We're unfortunately behind on that with EK because of her swallowing issues; she can control fluids better when they come out in small bits through the nipple. We are headed for another swallow study later this month, hopefully to get the go-ahead to try her on other cups!)

But, WOOHOO! What a huge step your litte one is making! It's all an adventure, isn't it!?

Paul said...

I totally agree with Bella, this is fantastic. Getting to grips with holding a normal cup and getting the swallowing just right is a great achievement. Roisin is now 4 and can manage her sippy cup by herself and we are really trying with getting her to feed herself, but she likes to sook her fingers when she has a mouthful of food so she drops her spoon, but she does really well.

Nate said...

Self-feeding sure is a huge accomplishment. One that we as parents all look forward to. My little girl sure is proud of herself for being able to drink from a cup and I am too.

Spoons are really tricky though, my daughter still needs all kinds of help in that department. All in good time.