Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Halloween and Making Her Own Decisions

Getting ready for Halloween this year was a lot of fun for Whitney.  Melanie and I are trying to let Whitney make more decisions for herself about things these days.  So we let Whit wander the local costume shop when it came time to pick a costume.  She finally settled on an outfit she thought looked cute.  Melanie and I didn't even recognize it but she chose a Sugar Rush Racer costume from Wreck It Ralph.  And she was very happy because of how pink it was.  The other finalist from the costume shop was a My Little Pony costume.  Also, very pink.  That seems to be a consistency in her taste lately.

When Halloween came, Whitney also knew enough to be very excited about trick or treating.  She carried her own candy bucket (until it got too loaded down with candy) and even vocalized her own "trick or treat" and "thank you" at each of the neighbor's houses.

These are just little things but it's so fun to see the progress in her life.

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