Tuesday, September 17, 2013

At the Theater

We try not to let disabilities in our family keep us from getting out and enjoying life. I mentioned last time, that sometimes getting out  brings with it a certain amount of anxiety.  Other times we just know that getting out and some doing things will be a perfect hit.  That things will go well.  And that's the way things went on our outing last night.

The Hale Centre Theater holds matinee performances of their plays that are kid friendly.  The current production is Disney's Tarzan.  Whitney is a hug
e fan of the music for this show because it's percussion-heavy.  So Melanie got our family tickets.

As Whit came into the theater and took her seat, we could see she was curious about the sets and lighting.  And as the show began she started bouncing in her seat and clapping.  She recognized the music and the story right away.  Through the whole show she was captivated and excited.  She clapped and hooted.  Her favorite number was when the gorillas were trashing the camp.  I'm pretty sure I heard her trying to sing along during that scene.

After the show the cast greeted us and Whit got to say thank you to Tarzan and Jane. She was just beaming the whole time.  And I have to say, sometimes it feels so good to get out and help Whitney experience something that the "normals" get to do.  On evenings like this, her smile of joy says it all.

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