Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Fridge Lock and Other Helpful Special Needs Gear

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions on how to secure our fridge against our snacking young lady.  Melanie ordered this simple adhesive fridge lock on Amazon.  It installed easily and so far it's done a great job of stopping Whitney the fridge raider.  It's a bit of an inconvenience, but having to unlatch it each time I get in the fridge is easier than cleaning up the mess of having the fridge unlocked.

Whitney has also graduated from a full car seat with a five point harness.  She now rides in style in a pink Disney Princess booster and she really loves it.  But immediately we realized that it's far to easy for her to reach down and push the button that undoes her seatbelt.  And since she rides in the back seat of our minivan, we can get back there and quickly buckle it again.  Luckily Melanie found these simple seat belt locks to keep Whitney buckled up while we're on the road.

As we go forward, I'm sure we'll find other interesting situations we'll need to be prepared for.  But I'm grateful for the special needs parents who have gone before.  And thankfully, they have created the demand for interesting products to help keep Whitney safe and sound.

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