Friday, November 30, 2012

A Trip to the Ballet

The special ed kids at Whitney's school have an annual tradition of attending a dress rehearsal of The Nutcracker presented by the Capitol Theatre.  The children get all dressed up and ride together on the school bus.  And, due to seating limitations, no parents are allowed to come with to help out.  Luckily Whitney's teacher was excited to tell us all about it.

Whitney was very well behaved and watched the ballet intently.  She laughed and clapped.  And afterward Whitney was trying to sing the songs.  She really liked the music.  When the kids got back to class, there was a bit of free time before the bus to go home.  So Whitney sang and twirled around the classroom as if she were a ballerina until it was time to leave.  It was an exciting day for our little lady and I'm grateful her school provides her opportunities to get out and enjoy the arts.

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Evan said...

What a great experience and it sounds like Whitney really enjoyed it.