Thursday, December 02, 2010

To the Theatre

Whitney and her first grade, special needs class were invited to the Capitol Theatre to attend a special performance of The Nutcracker ballet yesterday. The note we received in Whitney's bag last week told us about the trip and suggested best dress attire. So Whitney wore a little black and red dress to school. And Melanie did her hair up all special.

Since it was a school field trip, Melanie and I weren't there. We had to rely on information from Whitney's teachers about how the trip went. But that wasn't hard. Melanie got a call from Whit's teacher later yesterday afternoon. She said Whitney was the best behaved of the bunch. And I'm so glad. I can only imagine how much work it took to keep track of eight special needs youngsters in a place like Capitol Theatre. Luckily Whitney was enthralled with the music and the dancers. She sat mesmerized the entire time while clapping and laughing along with the music.

When I arrived home from work last night Whitney was excitedly signing "dance" over and over to tell me all about her exciting day. I'm pleased she was well behaved and even happier to know that she had a good time. I guess we'll have to take our little theater goer on more outings like that soon.


Justin said...

That's really cool! I think more kids need to be exposed to cultural productions like that at young ages. How fun for them!

Nate said...

Yeah. Shows I need to be a little more outgoing with planning outings with the family. I've been cautious even just to take them to a movie, but they've always done really well. Maybe I'll get Whitney season tickets to the Utah Opera for Christmas. :-) Then again, maybe that's a little much.

Genevieve Ross said...

So glad to hear that Whit had such a great time. What a great idea for a school outing! Season tickets might be a bit much but she might be ready for a special outing now and again.