Monday, December 06, 2010

Too Sick for Surgery

Hi Folks! Just a quick update. Today was supposed to be Whitney's tonsillectomy surgery. Melanie and I were pretty excited about getting things done and finally getting Whitney healthy again.

Unfortunately, she's got a bad case of stomach flu all of the sudden. That's a big concern because of the risk of aspiration while she's sedated. Plus she's just feeling pretty lousy overall. So we'll be rescheduling and making another attempt soon. We'll keep you posted.


Karen said...

Sorry to hear she is not feeling well. Hope she feels better soon.

Genevieve Ross said...

How frustrating! I can only imagine how much you guys had to coordinate to make sure the other two were looked after for the day so you could be there with Whit. And I am sure you are eager to get this over and done with to see if it makes a difference. What a bummer.

I hope Whitney feels better soon. Zoe just got over a nasty stomach bug herself and it is so tough on our little ones. I am sure Whit is the same as Zoe, she doesn't have a lot of reserves so when she is sick it's hard.

We are thinking of you.

Nate said...

Thank you! It's nice to know there are others out there who understand. Whitney's keeping food down again, although we've all got a bad cold. We're hoping to try again for the surgery next week.