Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back to School

Whitney started third grade on Monday.  It's hard to believe she's grown up that much already.  But she's certainly experienced when it comes to the school routine.  She was so excited when the bus pulled up on Monday morning.  Her same bus driver met her with a familiar greeting and it was off to class just like last year.

Only this year Whitney has a new teacher in a new classroom.  After having the same teacher for the last two grades, Melanie and I were a little worried about how Whitney would adjust to someone new.  Thankfully, Whit's speech therapist moved up to the new class with her and that's helped ease the transition.  We haven't actually talked with Whitney's new teacher this week, but the first thing Whit did when she got off the bus on Monday afternoon was sign "Fun, Fun, Fun" to Melanie.  I'd say that's a pretty good indication that things are going okay.

Whit's new teacher has been sending home quick notes that indicate how much she's been eating at lunch and how the day went overall.  So far the notes have said things like "head of the class" or "off the chart."  And she's eating around half of her school lunches, which is typical given the desire to go out and play at recess.  I've been hoping and praying this Whitney would be cooperative and willing to participate in class this year.  And it sounds like that's been the case.  I'll be anxious to hear if that will carry over to math this year.  Here's hoping.

Melanie and I are really glad that Whitney enjoys school.  We're looking forward to seeing all the great things she'll learn this year.

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Genevieve Ross said...

Yay- back to school time! Zoe loves going back to school. It is great to see Whit loves it so much too. I hope the new teacher and classroom works out well this year. I am sure it will and you guys are great advocates for what Whitney needs.

I love the summer trip pictures. Sounds like you all had a great time. Penquins are one of Zoe's favourites too. Perhaps because they swim? Or maybe it is the funny way they walk. Who knows.