Thursday, June 07, 2012

Bigger Girl, Bigger Mischief

Whitney is really growing up fast.  As I re-read old posts here, I can't believe the wonderful progress she's made over the years.  She's able to do so much more for herself now.  The only trouble is she's also able to do all kinds of new things she's not supposed to.  You'll remember my post about Whitney the early morning photographer a couple of weeks back.  That was just the beginning.

The other evening I went downstairs to find out that Whitney can now open the child locks we use to lock up videos, cables and other TV equipment in our entertainment center.  She'd pulled various cables and manuals out and was just finishing chewing the cover off the documentation for one of Liam's video games.

Another day I was cleaning around the house and things seemed a bit too quiet.  When I looked around Whitney wasn't anywhere in the house.  Just as I got ready to be concerned, I found the door out to the garage was open.  When I looked out Whitney was proudly standing beside our van holding the handle on the passenger side door.  She managed to pull it open all by herself and let her little sister Avery inside.  Avery was equally proud as she sat behind the wheel of the van pretending to steer.

Then yesterday on her way home from school Whit decided to show her bus driver just how proficient she is getting at undressing herself.  By the time the bus pulled up out front, Whitney had managed to take her shirt completely off.  We've gotten to know the bus driver well and he wasn't concerned, but we did all get a pretty good laugh out of it.

So as Whitney learns to do so many new things life is certainly going to get more interesting.  We've got a new, Whitney-proof lock on the door out to our garage and we're watching her more closely when she's in the family room, but I'm just wondering what she'll decide to do next.

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Melanie said...

How come she never gets into mischief when I'm home, just when daddy is? hmmm? ;)