Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Field Day

Each year all the special ed classes gather at one of the local high schools in the district for a field day competition. Teachers and student volunteers help the special ed students participate in all kinds of different events. Due to the rainy weather, this year's competition was held indoors but that didn't dampen the contenders' spirits.

Whitney competed in several events and even got to win some ribbons. She got an honorable mention in the fifty yard dash. She may not be able to really run yet, but she's still very fast. And she got a ribbon in the softball toss once the volunteers convinced her she couldn't just hang on to the ball. Best of all, she won first place in the long jump. How does a girl who can't jump win a long jump competition? Easy. Put her up against two other students who are still using walkers.

Seriously though, all the students got to win an award of some kind and each of them had a great time participating in the events. Kids with special needs are often left watching from the sidelines at an event of this kind. So I'm grateful to the school district and all the volunteers who centered the field day around these special kids. It put a huge smile on my little girl's face.


Justin said...

That's awesome!

Nate said...

Thanks! It was really cool. They had events tailored so each child could participate based on their abilities. Even children that had major health challenges or were in wheelchairs were able to compete in the events.