Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tooth Time!

Other than brushing Whitney's teeth we haven't given her mouth near as much attention as her ears, eyes, heart and other high priority parts. Her baby teeth all fit in her little mouth and in fact a couple of her top teeth never showed, further allowing the others the room they needed. And that's been the status quo for years.

But Whitney's got her very first loose tooth. It's nearly out. Just hanging by a thread. And yesterday, when Melanie took a peak, she could see the new, adult tooth coming in behind it. So we've got to get that baby tooth out, which will probably be traumatic given, Whitney's oral aversion. Hopefully, no one will lose any fingers in the process. But we're worried about something else too. The adult tooth that's starting to poke through is actually larger than the one it replaces.

I'm a little concerned that all these new adult teeth aren't going to fit very well in my little girl's mouth. Whitney's dentist has said she'll likely be a candidate for some orthodontic work to ensure she's able to bite and chew once the adult teeth come in. But I'm pretty worried about it since Whitney probably won't understand why we'll be hurting her mouth.

I guess we'll just take things as they come. At least Whitney can look forward to her first visit from the tooth fairy in the next couple of days.

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