Monday, November 01, 2010

I Can Help!

As Whitney continues to become more socially aware, Melanie and I have noticed some new helpful behavior. As part of our morning routine before school, Whitney helps me make the bed. It's tricky for her to stand and pull up the sheets and blankets, so it's a team effort for the two of us. But the great thing is that she does it voluntarily. I don't ever have to ask her. She really wants to help out.

We've seen other signs of Whitney looking for ways to help out too. My favorite is with baby Avery at feeding time. Whitney has observed that after eating, Avery needs to be patted on the back, sometimes for quite a while, in order to burp. So Whitney will come over, move Melanie's hand and begin patting Avery's back. She gets so excited that she can actually help out with the baby. It's really fun to watch. Melanie holds Avery low enough that Whit can reach. And Whit carefully pats her on the back until the burp comes.

It's nice to have a little helper around the house and I'm always grateful for Whitney's good attitude about her siblings.

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Kajsa Farnsworth said...

That is the cutest thing I have read in a long time! It sounds like things are going well with Baby Avery. Love the pictures!