Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Home Visit

Over the last few weeks, while Whitney was off track from first grade, her teacher dropped by for a visit. This was the first time something like this has taken place in our home since early intervention days. As it turns out, Whit's teacher tries to visit the home of each of her students toward the beginning of the school year.

Whitney was so excited to see her teacher in our house, but looked a little confused. It was interesting, because Whit did a few things her teacher had never seen before. Whit seems to have "home behaviors" and "school behaviors." So teacher got her first patented Whitney Hanson nose tweak. I'm grateful that's not become a school behavior yet.

In addition to seeing Whitney at home, her teacher wanted to talk about concerns and aspirations we have. We chatted for about a half an hour about potty training, reading, social interaction, augmentative speech devices and so on. I hope we didn't overwhelm her, but she did ask. We also coordinated about things we see working well, like school lunches and avoiding Whit's paper tearing obsession.

It's really nice to have someone who's so engaged with us as parents. So many times when special needs students have something that needs addressing, it's the parents chasing the teacher down. This was a very pleasant role reversal.

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