Monday, August 02, 2010

Rachel Coleman: Signing Time and the Importance of Communication

Rachel Coleman, the creator of Signing Time, and a special needs mom just like the moms in our support group, shared music and inspiration with conference attendees on Friday morning. 1p36 Deletion children are frequently non-verbal, so families like mine often turn to Signing Time to give our children a voice.

Over the years, I've come to admire Rachel Coleman's hard work and the way she fights for her own special needs children's rights. Her daughter Leah is Deaf and her daughter Lucy has Cerebral Palsy but they both get along great in this world because of their tireless, supportive parents.

The children in attendance on Friday were treated to several of their favorite Signing Time songs and the parents enjoyed some great words of advice on never giving up on your special needs child's abilities and potential. Then Rachel impressed us all by taking the time to pose for a photo with each and every child in attendance. Thank you, Rachel for making the day special for my daughter and her friends!

One final note: Rachel is an accomplished singer and song writer, but I would say, very most of all I enjoy reading her blog. She writes about the inspiration and the challenge of being a mom and a care giver. Check it out at

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