Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Was Just Headed for Bed

I had a good laugh the other night. I got home from meetings after the kids were in bed. I went to put away my things and change my clothes. As I passed, I could see Whitney was not in her room. I thought she'd gone downstairs to be with Melanie for a few minutes and I'd missed her when I came in.

Then I got down the hall to my room. There stood Whitney at the desk with my laptop open rearranging the items on my dashboard. She must have gotten up and snuck down the hall without Melanie noticing. Then Whitney decided to use my computer, which she's getting pretty good at. She opened the lid and started hitting buttons to see what would happen. She was totally engrossed in moving things around when I got to the room.

"Whitney!" I called from the doorway. She spun around, startled. Then she regained her composure, waved at me, signed "sleep" and headed past me out the door and down the hall. In other words: "Oops! I've been caught. Good night, Dad. I was just headed for bed."

Amidst all the medical care and worries, Whitney fills our lives with so many funny moments. Her personality just cracks me up. I guess I'll have to give her a turn on my computer so she won't stay up late to use it when I'm not around.


Genevieve Ross said...

I love when you share these "normal" kid moments. You two do a great job of sharing the stress of Whit's care but then focusing on the every day fun moments like this. I love Whit's response at getting caught :)

Nate said...

Thanks! We do have some good laughs around here. It's fun to share them with everyone.