Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Special Education Layoffs

One of Whitney's favorite teachers aids who helps her in class every day is losing his job. He's just one of 69 full time classroom assistants being laid of in the school district where Whitney attends. There are also 19 full time special education teachers and various administrators who are being shown the door due to less state and federal funding being available to the district.

A month or so ago, some of the administrators who attended Whitney's first grade placement meeting were reluctant to list off the names of the people working in the classroom where Whit will attend. Now we know why. A fair number of teachers assistants and others who would have worked there this fall, won't be, due to the cutbacks.

People who study and work in special education do it because of love and desire to help children who need extra help and support. None of them does it for fame and fortune. So it really hurts when these great people end up losing their jobs. It's more than just lost income and benefits. They're losing the opportunity to serve and care for those they love. To those affected by these layoffs, please know our hearts are with you. Melanie and I will miss you and we thank you for all you've done for our daughter.

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