Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Mainstream Recess

I don't know why this strikes me as cool, but now that Whitney is walking so well on her own her teachers tried a new experiment with her the past couple of days. They decided to sent Whit out for recess with the kids from the typical kindergarten classes.

Now Melanie and I weren't there to see all of this. We just got the note home from school about it. But she must have had a blast because last night by the time 7 pm came around Whit was asking for bedtime. The kindergarten has a special playground that's fenced off from the rest of the schoolyard and has play equipment that's just the right size. I think she must have walked around and played so much that it was as good as a session of physical therapy.

When I was a kid I regarded recess as the most important subject in school. So I'm very pleased that my little girl is now mainstreamed in with the other kids for such an important part of the school day.

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Jenny said...

I know Taylor really loves going out for recess and the kids are so good with her. There is a few kids who block the slide off for just her to go down. She loves recess too. I'm so happy that Whitney is getting around so well.